Barry Murray
A publishing Magazine Freelancer , or just a horse packing Minor Miner?

As somehow the long trail I have been following has two branches, at least, I am still trying to decide what I will be when I grow up. Almost 77 years young; guess I need to decide:

1)  Photographer / Writer/ Designer / Multimedia and Print Producer / Editor / Author?

2) Prospector / Landsman /Aerial Reconnaissance / Camp Manager / Mine Owner ?

This 'master of none' list is further complicated by the happenstance that most of my successes were "little professor" self taught, except for evening schooling in BxW glass plate photography at a Ealing Polytechnic, now part of the University of West London.

What was the 16 year old "Oregon Kid" from the Moab, Utah, uranium rush doing in England? I guess it's safe enough now to reveal my one step above top secret USAF recon intelligence involvement working as directly as a chart maker for SAC commander "bomb them back to the stone age, " Curtis LaMay. In basic training I had been sent back to take a couple of tests over.

And over. Turns out my knack for finding a way through a wilderness (a family genetic) was a gift! As was a mining history that stretched from pre-Revolutariny War Carolina gold show, to the California Rush, and on the beaches of Nome.

Pacific Crest Trail

Being tagged a Mensa, however, really only meant I was dealt a good hand of cards. How they were played, having fun at the game of life, is what still matters.

So rather than academic degrees, my curriculum vitae credits are measured in miles traveled. As this adventure just about to be released as a fixed page vertical I-pad / slate e-book , along with print "mini coffee table" style photos and words, ShadowCatcher Press print bound book, on a young family the Pioneering of the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,500 miles, from Mexico to Canada, on horseback.

The story came from my LIFE, and Holiday Magazines articles, finally affordable to be published with 300 full bleed, facing page photographs, "remastered" from 1970 film to digital color.

This book may be found, as my historic novel, below, on the shelf's at, as will upcoming works out on my lifetime experiences prospecting from Alaska to Panama.

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Alaska Gold

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To find time to finish out my fun 'TheProspector' stories, best defined as what I have on, and an update on my "Oregon Kid" saga. I really need to retire from (for sale, for sure) one man "empire" by making sure things will continue on working on my long held that is being marketed as a very green, Oregon unique,foam concrete affordable housing material, so revolutionary it takes a lot of reading to understand. It really should have had my hard to delegate, full time attention instead of spending time "on the road again" as the

To make sure I am remembered for doing something great as a pay-back attempt, instead of goofing off as a cruise ship "Mark Twain" style entertainer, I am currently looking for a self starting "from the ground up" crew to help share this new found gift from Creator (yes, I have Native American blood) of a mineral that could be comparable to an affordable housing problem find, as that of cancer curing tree researchers are looking for in the Amazon Rainforest.

As for the "supply side" they have been hack attacked, spoofed, re-directed to "to financial side" spam interests to the point where I have become Information Highway Road kill! I don't have time left to fight "growth industry" IT  sabotage battles anymore. It isn't fun. Someone make me an offer for a long list of domain names in use as a web ring since the 1900's. I quit!

Beyond keeping on track, if you want to be a part of AlaskaRangeSolar.comtalk to my minor miner 39'er, darling daughter Bernadette, who through family fate has found herself, "in a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine".

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Gold Panning

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So now what? Well I still have an unfinished travel empire. This perhaps was my most premature, ahead of it's time, endeavor.

Just because I had earned an Apple Hero Award for my 1980's HyperCard OOPs programming, and the graphic Information Highway WWW came along, and Adobe released Acrobat PDFs that could run video in Flash, I figured it was time for "white paper" electronics publishing gurus to take the closeable horizontal lid/screen off a "laptop" hold able computer to use it as e-book reader. I hadn't counted on a fellow high functioning Asperger's syndrome Steve Jobs being fired from his own company by the control freaks of Wall Street, who soon took it into bankruptcy. Fortunately, with the help of Asperger's Billy Gates, Jobs left Pixar, and came back, at $1 per year, to release the i-Pad.

Now that a large, vertical, full color quality magazine screen has made it into the armchair and bedroom, I really need someone to help fill the roll-over map of all 50 states, on, with an identical, web ring to help search engines, of,,; an unfinished, and 46 other domain names with a matching

And, as Apple has just released a pad large enough to publish fixed page books upon, you know where I want to go with E.A. Curtis sized photo folios, which I why I just bought the URL, to honor a personal role model, and to fill a quality electronic publishing need for something other than a mini screen.

So many pages. So few seconds left!

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I Want a Horse

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And about here I probably should thank all the misdirection phishers out of North American financial centers, spoofers out of China selling EB-5 green cards, pornographic spamers out Russia, for forcing me to realize that I only have 6 silver bullets left to fight my way through black hat espionage gangs, just to try and deliver the truth concerning what has happened to US Miners, working in the dark to make solar energy work. Sorry. As an Internet pioneer, I don't want to hire a room full of IT people to start over. No fun in that. You can take care of yourself, investor. Figure it out without my free advice. All it takes is boots on the ground research.  

So, to take care of my sanity, I must get on my horse and ride off with a parting buy advice of, "Hi Ho Silver"!

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