Barry Murray
A Magazine Freelance Writer/Photographer; a cranky old horse packing prospector Minor Miner; or a stuborn 'ShadowCatcher' Book Publisher?

s somehow I have been labeled a "fake mining news" fraud by suspect interests in Russia, New Zealand, Hong Kong China IPO, Ontario TSX Canada, and New York's Wall Street HFT neighborhoods, where I am apparently not appreciated some of my First Amendment editorial comments on my "empire" of,,,, , etc., I have retreated to a personal URL site I have owned since 1998 (that cost $100 to register), that has an absolutely one only E-mail address of " to prevent absolutely egregious misdirection, if only the reader takes a look at who they might be replying too!

So much for 60-years of rock solid in-the-field experience being trumped by those in love with the art of a boardroom ETF hedge fund default swap big deals. Guess, since being so massively hacked that a 3 to 6,000 monthly readership for driven, down to a twenty or less per day, it is time for me to hang up my gold pan and retire.

This is why my focus is to use my single signer mining claims for the benefit of the hapless 98%, through a $10 per ton buy-in rare earths mineral deposit that technology has finally caught up with. As available here from a viris free in a secure (locked from spoofing, skimming,spamming, and other annoynmus forms that may be the beginning of the end to the free Internet) portable document format Acrobat PDF. Click on this cover of an Oregon Green Mining Opportunity.

This in a time of "Who Do You Believe is Real?" backed up with a physical mail address ( POB 678, Waldport, Oregon 97324, and a phone number (plagued by robo-calls) 503-753-5868, where the dark lurking anonymous ones insulted by my late night comedian smart ass attitude about our "ruling" class, can show-up to punch me in the nose.

Please do. I can't think of a more perfect way to be taken out a 78-years old-old-Oregon than as a Barry Murray "make my day" High Noon frontier style of Senator's Merkley and Wyden of Oregon protest filibuster.

The long and adventerous fun trail I have been following has two branches, at least. I am still trying to decide what I will be when I grow up. Now, just turning 78 years young, guess I need to help decide what to retire from, to have time to write my memoirs with the working title of "Snapshots & Scribbles" after being tossed out of Portland's Lincoln High for being an early right to life advocate:

1)  Photographer / Writer/ Designer / Multimedia and Print Producer / Editor / Author?
2) Prospector / Landsman /Aerial Reconnaissance / Camp Manager / Mine Owner ?

To celebrate a fellow Asperger's syndrome Dr. Sheldon Cooper style birthday, let me thank my very creative travel writer/graphic designer (Turtle Island Fiji, and a Yalla' Middle East web and brochures) daughter Bernadette, AKA "Scout" in my Search For A Shadow (which she is looking for crowdfunding to repeat on our 50th anniversary of pioneering the Pacific Crest National Trail) for making my old, old Oregon Trail kinfolk, and a Revolutionary War hero "Wilderness Calling Family" of over the mountain cousins, as Tennesse as "the father of Oregon" President Polk.

Scout followed her genetic media instincts to get the "Murray Mob" into the prestigious Oregon Blue Book! Something my mining attorney politician father who ran for Oregon's Attorney General as a Democrat in '48, must be totally delighted about. Especially as I have been promised a signed copy by the incredibly Oregon spunky little "kiss me Kate cute" Attorney General > Governor [D] who stood up and stared down an, "all hat, no cattle, so called cowboy Second Amendment [Toilet Party] invasion", into the Buckaroo country of Harney County that cost millions out of a wildfire suppression fund.

So since this is my needy me-me-me site where moi gets to announce my latest crackpot middle of the road, tilting at windmills, anti-societal radical middle of the road left and right wing crazy notions, let me follow through "breaking news" in my banner style: is a re-release of Code:YellowChrysanthemum that was almost lost in a third party e-pub conversion to obtain an electronic ISBN number. So sad. This Digital Rights Management secondary system, supposidly backing up an authors lifetime copyright royalty protection, disapeared into hidden online free reading library where the publisher credits had been altered.

An agreegious act against independant copyright protected publishers, this sparked the reaction that has brought change to the marketing power of an independant, as a CO-OP. Where we collectively help each other in marketing, and sharing at least one copyright lawyer on retainer who understands the balance of class action justice.
is also a re-release, as happened to Code:Yellow, that is going back through a copyright update revision, and Grammarly proofing process, that also has a plagiarism feature, was to get past the ISBN register requesting the posting of 300 pages of text, but not the equal number of full bleed photographs.

This because they couldn't handle the 600 page size of what is an experiment in a E-FGHI "mini-coffee table" format to overcome the almost prohibitive expense of using full color in an Edward Curtis "Shadowcatcher" style photographic folio.

Said posting of ASCI text, instead of the finished Adobe Acrobat PDF, was not protected as promised. Shortly after this breach of confidence, said volume, with five seperate years of copyright notices dating to LIFE, and Holiday Magazines, showed up as a totally unauthorized converted e-pub online download that had no revenue stream back to the author/publisher.

The added creative insult was that my precise Adobe InDesign typography, based upon 500 years of publishing tradition, and my photography was not available to the over 100,000 + readers of earlier editions. There used to be a saying in the media business that the paying reader needed to be the one in controlof a book or magazine they had purchased.

AK Line

AK Line

Changing hats from publishing books to magazines, as, and the source that was supposed to provide day job financing as, as a resource for a global warming nepheline syenite answer to producing American steel for oil pipelines, through a clean air steel making flux, discovered in Canada.Does America have any steel makers left? Oregon Steel long ago disappeared into Russia.

What I would like is funding resulting from this Presidential decree, and mandated clean air standards, to afford the time to finish, and publish, my fun 'TheProspector' stories, Best best defined as what I have on, and that which acted as the background research for CODE - Yellow.

I especially need help saddling up to ride to the rescue in todays affordable housing chrisis, bringing a dream of in my saddlebags.

My one man "empire" needs to continue working my long held claims being marketed as a very green, Oregon unique, affordable housing material, so revolutionary it takes a lot of heavy duty research reading to understand.

I really should have others taking over from my hard to delegate, full-time attention, instead of spending time thinking of escaping again "with my" which incidentally, needs a newly retired couple to turn the key of taking off for adventure.

To make sure I am remembered for doing something great as a pay-back attempt for an exciting life, instead of goofing off as a cruise ship "Mark Twain" style entertainer again, I am currently looking for a self-starting "from the ground up" crew to help share this new found gift from Creator (yes, I have Native American blood) of a mineral that could be comparable to the affordable housing problem find, as that of cancer curing tree researchers are always looking for in the Amazon Rainforest.

So many pages to bring to life at 78 RPM. So few heart beat seconds left to do so. Help!


P.S.: Trivia fans of the 70's. Blush, blush, that goofy looking $75 range rescue horse, top right in my montogue, was an illegal immigrant Mexican mount named "No Name", that rode across an America's Desert called the Mo-Jobbie.

AK Line
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